Friday, May 3, 2013


This is of John. Matthias Candrian (we believe the John. stands for Johann.)  He was born to Christophi Rudolph Anton Candrian and Maria Barbara Vincenz in 1772 in the little village of Bonaduz, Switzerland.  He died 3 August 1842 in Bonaduz, Graub√ľnden, Switzerland This photo was taken by Irene Candrian around 1988.  It's actually an oil painting.  In the glass you can see the reflection of  Bonaduz.  

John. Matthias was the older brother to Josephus Anton Candrian  who was born around 1774 - 1783.  We know that Josephus was married to Maria Anna Barbara Stiefenhofer on 24 August 1800 in Bonaduz.  They were our 3rd great grandparents.

I wish we knew more about our Candrian line of ancestors.
If you know more, would you please leave me a message and I'll be happy to contact you?

Thanks - Danke!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Candrian, Adolph - More Life Details

from an Annual Chicago City Directory
From before 1875 because that is when Adolph's father, J.A. Candrian, died.
  • From Candrian Adolph (Candrian Bros. & Co.). r. 589W
  •  S.Halsted Candrian Bros. & Co. dealers in sewing machines,
  •  689H S. Halsted Candrian Herman (Candrian Bros. & Co.), r. 589
  •  S. Halsted Candrian J. A. r. 589, S. Halsted
Adolph's Views about The American Medical Association
"The American Medical Association is a powerful trust, and the more vicious because fortified by laws. This [is] clearly class legislation, for none of the numerous other systems of healing and treatment of disease, nor any other calling or profession enjoys similar privileges."
Adolf Candrian, 1910, p. 617