Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Candrian, Adolph - More Life Details

from an Annual Chicago City Directory
From before 1875 because that is when Adolph's father, J.A. Candrian, died.
  • From Candrian Adolph (Candrian Bros. & Co.). r. 589W
  •  S.Halsted Candrian Bros. & Co. dealers in sewing machines,
  •  689H S. Halsted Candrian Herman (Candrian Bros. & Co.), r. 589
  •  S. Halsted Candrian J. A. r. 589, S. Halsted
Adolph's Views about The American Medical Association
"The American Medical Association is a powerful trust, and the more vicious because fortified by laws. This [is] clearly class legislation, for none of the numerous other systems of healing and treatment of disease, nor any other calling or profession enjoys similar privileges."
Adolf Candrian, 1910, p. 617